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Proteus control units are available in VCU500 Desktop Keyboard Controller and the CCU208 Portable Control unit.  Both controllers feature twin integral joysticks for camera control and crawler maneuverability, and an ergonomic soft-touch keypad.  User friendly multi-function hot keys control an intuitive on-screen display, to enable quick and accurate navigation of the numerous features which all come standard on the brain of the Proteus system.

The control units have coms connections, dual BNC video connections allowing it to be paired with a rackmount or laptop computer for use with pipeline inspection software.



NEW: flexibility for CCTV truck or van operations

Designed and developed specifically for truck or van fit operations.  The VCU500 has a smaller footprint than the CCU208 by shifting the bulk of the control unit into a 1U rackmount leaving the 17" x 10" joystick/ keyboard controller as the only thing on you desk. 


The 1U rackmount has VGA, HDMI and dual BNC connections allowing it to be connected to any monitor to provide your live video feed and utilize the internal recording and ProPipe+ software.

The VCU500 will support any Proteus cable reel, crawler or camera head combination.  Additionally, it will support the upcoming Proteus lateral launch system when it is released.



Versatility for in the field or on the truck operations

Highly portable, the CCU208 is compact and light weight making it ideal for portable inspections.  Add the Proteus desk mount brackets for comfortable and secure use inside a truck or van build out.  Control unit also features a built in battery allowing you to download surveys from the unit to a USB drive or upload them to another computer using the built in WiFi.

The CCU208 features built in dual BNC connections and an RS-232 com port allowing it to be connected to a laptop or rackmount computer with reporting software.  Basic surveys can be recorded without a computer using the built in ProPipe+ software.

The CCU208 will support any Proteus cable reel, crawler or camera head combination.


Capture Footage 

Grab MPEG video and JPEG images, and zoom up to 3X on video.

Enter Observations

Use optional data-entry module to log inspection findings.

Review Footage

Organize videos and images folders, then find them using the thumbnail gallery. Review media using standard controls.

Generate Reports

Use optional reporting module to create an inspection report, then transfer it to USB media for on-site delivery.


Type and store up to 16 pages of on-screen text.  Customize text color, position and background color.


Control Hardware

Set sonde frequency, adjust illumination, and zero/change footage counter.


Configure Preferences

Set language and date/time; establish file formats and naming conventions; adjust camera parameters; choose interface theme and power-saving options; update firmware.

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